Uh oh! TD Jakes goes in on the modern woman for being too manly in their ways. He spoke about how they brag about how they have everything they need and feel as though they don't need a man.

Now, as far as TD Jakes go, we know that he is a sellout and a mason. He has been putting up masonic high gestures for quite some time. With this latest stunt from the supposed Bishop, it will be interesting to see how his followers respond to this video clip that is circulating on social media. What makes it even more interesting is that we know that most of his followers are women, so-called black women.  You know black women are going to be in their feelings about this.

Who knows, maybe TD Jakes went off the deep end and had a moment of honesty. I know one thing he better not start being too honest, or his handlers will see to it that he is no longer with us, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, just for entertainment purposes, I fast-forwarded this video here from the "MR LET GO" Youtube channel, so you can see this woman's reaction to what TD Jakes said.


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