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Shalawam Achayam. Another breaking development in news and prophecy. Yahoo News reports China has discovered a new virus that is believed to be potentially fatal. The virus is said to be passed on by shrews.

The Langya Henipavirus, known as “Langya,” has already infected 35 people, although no one has died or suffered a serious illness, says Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control.


This is very timely and suspicious, to say the least. After the Covid lockdowns and vax mandates ended for most countries worldwide, the wicked elites have felt they have somewhat lost a grip on the people's minds. At this point, you can see that the people are fed up with this wicked kingdom. But that won't stop Edom's so-called elites from pushing forward with their new world order agenda.

Not to get political, but the timing is also suspect as we head into a big election season for the US. I'm sure most of you brothers are well aware of what happened the last time we had a major election in the US. With all of that being said, this may turn out to be nothing more than a scare tacted, but as always, we must watch and pray. 


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YouTube is back it with the censorship. It seems like the closer we get to the great day of the Lord, the more Esau, especially the wicked elites panic. We all went through the youtube censorship of the 2020 pandemic, in which just mentioning the word covid could your channel taking down. Well, now the pandemic is abortion and climate change.  From the website RECLAIMTHENET.ORG , YouTube will be ramping up its ban on abortion videos and labeling anti-abortion videos as medical misinformation. More proof that this place is wicked as hell.


Things are really heating up! Biblically speaking. We are on the edge of the fulfillment of one of the last significant prophecies, the mark of the beast. In early 2021, a Pentagon official went on 60 minutes and showed off a new implantable health monitor. Yes, it's a health monitor that you implant under your skin. If that is not enough to make you believe that we are on the cusp of the big mark of the beast rollout, then this should... reports The Chief Executive Officer of Nokia, Pekka Lundmark, has disclosed that smart gadgets will be implanted into human bodies in the next eight years. Here is the link to the full article: READ MORE It wasn't that long ago; this was supposedly just a conspiracy theory. Now the wicked elites are putting it right there in the open. These devils are not even able to hide their agenda any longer, which is more proof that Esau's kingdom is finished! JEREMIAH 49:10 10  But I have made Esau bare, I have uncovered his secret place


 After Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced should was going to visit China there has been much talk about how China would respond. Well now /things are getting pretty intense between the US and China. Several reports detail China will be initiating live fire drill exercises near Taiwan. This is in reaction to the news that the US military has moved a Navy strike group into the South China Sea led by the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier. Fox News reports that a US Navy spokesperson has confirmed that the US strike group is currently there amid the anticipated arrival of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. "I can confirm USS Ronald Reagan and her strike group are now underway, operating in the South China Sea following a successful port visit to Singapore," Lt. Mark Langford said. "As a matter of policy, we do not discuss future ship movements; however, I will add that Reagan is continuing normal, scheduled operations as part of her routine patrol in support of a free and open Indo-Pacific