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 Shalawam, there is no new thing under the sun, and the corrupt elites of Edom continue to use the power given to them on the left-hand side.

There has been a significant discovery in the medical and pharmaceutical industry as more evidence is unveiled revealing the truth about Covid vaccines and how they link to health failures.

The National Pulse reports-

84% Increase In Cardiac-Related Deaths Occurs One Month After mRNA COVID Vaccine, Florida Health Dept.

Pfizer's director was questioned about the ability of its vaccine to stop transmission of the virus, and she admits no, they had not fully tested the vaccine's ability to prevent transmission because they were moving at the "speed of science.

As you may recall, President Trump pushed  Operation Warped speed which sped up the process of the vaccine rollout in late 2020.

All of this information about the Covid vaccines that have been buried by the mainstream media and all of the censorship has now turned into a game of pointing the finger. Just a little over a month, Democratic lawmakers were looking for a way to blame President Trump for the vaccine itself. This came after a year and a half of fear-mongering and mandates by the same Democratic party.  This goes to show you how hypocritical this devil's kingdom is. 

Remember that the vaccine was pushed hardest to the Black, Latino, and Native American communities. Esau targeted all 12 tribes with his poisonous shot to weaken the nation of Israel, putting the real Israelites at the front of his depopulation agenda. 


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